The Consumer Brand Relationship Association (CBRA) is the world’s largest brand relationship associations with members who work, teach and study in this field.

Conferences and Events

By becoming a member, you get significant discounts for the various events organized such as the

  • Global Consumer Brand Relationships (GCBR) Summit which is the world’s leading networking and education event for marketing and branding managers or
  • International Consumer Brand Relationships (ICBR) Conference which is the world's leading networking and education event for academics, Ph.D. students or researchers.

Connect with Experts

Connect with other experts around the world to interact and collaboration on joint industry projects or research.

Research Center

Established members have the opportunity to submit a request for the creation of a Consumer Brand Relationship Center, which would allow them to use the center as a ‘hub’ to organize local or regional events, research efforts or use the center to get third party funding or funding from the Association.