Country Directors

Country Directors (CD) promote the Association in their country, provide the Board with feedback from the members in their country, act as liaison with national marketing organizations (academic or practitioners). Country Directors are encourages to show self-initiative and suggest and develop local events, such as ‘CBR workshops’ or set up ‘CBR Research Centers’ (both are subject to board approval). Any event for which CBR or CBRA is used is subject to board approval. Country Directors are (re)-appointed by the CBRA board on a yearly basis. The term is one year and starts by January 1st each year and ends by December 31st. CD’s are required to submit by December 1st a short report outlining their various past activities related to CBRA and their plan for the next year.

If you want to become a country director, please contact the CBRA board.


Euler Alves Brandão
President of Stetik Group, Brazil

He is the founder, partner and currently chairman of Stetik Group, a Brazilian Holding which brings together companies in the areas of Advertising (Pro Brasil Propaganda – Advertising Agency, and Casa na Árvore – Audiovisual Production), Marketing Research (Occhi – Consumer Observatory) and Architecture and Store Design (PDV Brasil). One of the 5 largest independent communication groups in Brazil, and operating in South America from several offices in divers cities, it has clients in different economic fields, from retail to banks, including consumer goods industries.

Ph.D. in Business Administration, Master degree in Production Engineering and Post-graduate degree in Business Finance and Marketing. His academic and professional experience in Administration, with emphasis on merchandising and strategic management of companies, mainly in the following topics and areas: strategic management, strategic marketing, retail, and entrepreneurship.


Hans Rüdiger Kaufmann
School of Business, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Rudi is a Professor at the School of Business, University of Nicosia, Cyprus. After appointments as manager, consultant and academic in 5 European countries, Rudi is currently Full Professor in Marketing in the School of Business of the University of Nicosia. He was President of CIRCLE (2007-2009) and is currently Vice-President of EMBRI and was a founding member in both institutions. He is a board member of the American Marketing Association Global Marketing SIG. He is member of the editorial board of a variety of journals and an Associate Editor of the World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development. He is Visiting Professor the International Business School of Vilnius University and an Adjunct Professor of the University of Vitez.


Samil A. Aledin
Insight Director, D.Sc., Ethnographer, Brand practitioner & lecturer.

Samil A. Aledin is an Insight Director and a partner at Zeeland Family Ltd.  After a number of years as a marketing practitioner with FMCG, Samil worked with his dissertation on teenagers’ brand relationships. He got his doctoral degree, D.Sc., from the University Of Turku (Finland) in 2009. In addition to his primary position today in consumer research and brand consulting, Samil is a visiting lecturer at national universities. Samil has been a regular presenter at CBR conferences right from the beginning in 2010. Due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Island, he ended up travelling for sixty hours (ferry-train-plane) in order to attend that first CBR conference. He has written chapters e.g. to ”Consumer Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice” (2012) and ”Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing” (2015).


Noel Albert
Professor Kedge Business School, Marseille, France

Noel Albert is a professor and a research scientist from France (Kedge Business School - Marseille). He has also taught in various French Universities (University of Lyon 1, University of Savoie, IUP Commerce et Vente of Annecy).

His studies focus on consumer behavior and especially consumers’ love for brands. What is love? Can we feel love for a brand? Is this feeling the same as for a person? What implies brand love in managerial perspective? How can measure the consumer's love for a brand? These are a few questions Noel ALBERT has addressed.

His works have been published in various international and French Journals (Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Management & Avenir, Innovations, Marche & Organisation) and in various international conferences (Association for Consumer Research, American Marketing Association, Society for Marketing Advances, Academy of Marketing Science, Consumer Brand Relationship Colloquium) all around the world (US, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, France). Noel ALBERT has also been reviewer for the Journal of Business Research, the European Journal Social Psychology and Marche & Organisation.

Specialties: Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Brand Consumer Relationships, Interpersonal Relationships, Brand Love, Brand Passion, Brand Affection.


Silvia Cacho-Elizondo
Professor IPADE Business School, Mexico.

Dr. Silvia Cacho-Elizondois an Associate Professor of Marketing and Associate Academic Director at IPADE Business School. She has done research, consulting projects and lecturer in France, Spain and Mexico. Previous to her academic career, she worked at Procter & Gamble and had some entrepreneurial adventures.

Her doctoral thesis, done at HEC Paris, analysed: The impact of online services on the consumer-brand relationship. She holds a M.Sc. in Marketing & Strategy (Université Paris-IX Dauphine, France), an MBA(IPADE, México), a M.Sc. in Management of Technology (Sussex University, UK) and a bachelor degree in Electronic Systems Engineering (ITESM, Mexico).

Her work has been published in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Health Marketing Quarterly. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, International Business Research Journal, American Journal of Management among others.


Sabrina Hegner
Assistant Professor of Consumer Psychology at the University of Twente

Sabrina Hegner is an Assistant Professor of Consumer Psychology at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She holds a Master's degree in psychology from the University of Mannheim (Germany) as well as a Master’s degree in business from the University of Western Sydney (Australia) and a Ph.D. from the University of Bremen. Lecturing, conducting research, and consulting projects on different continents have raised her interest in the intercultural differences of consumer perceptions of brands with a special focus on the development of consumer-brand relationships. Her work has been published in Marketing Theory, Journal of Brand Management, International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, or Computers in Human Behaviours among others.


Muhammad Asif Khan
Assistant Professor of Marketing at the College of Business, in Umm Al-Qura University (KSA)


Ricardo Cayola
University Lecturer at Instituto Universitário da Maia - ISMAI

Ricardo Cayolla is a tennis coach and sports manager. He currently s doing a PhD in Marketing and Strategy at the University of Aveiro, Minho and Beira Interior. His expertise is in sports training, the sports management and marketing and strategy. He is a technical director in Cayolla tennis academy that now is working in Leca da Palmeira, Póvoa de Varzim and Barcelos. He is also CEO of CFB PRO, a company whose mission is to educate children and young people through football. CFB PRO owns Leça FC (Youth), a centenary club. CFB PRO also has a strong partnership to the best Portuguese football club, FC Porto, creating and managing the Dragon Force Matosinhos (the youth school of FC Porto). He was a professional tennis player and coach of the professional circuit and traveled as a player and coach for over 25 countries. He understands and speaks 4 languages (Portuguese, French, English and Spanish). Previously he collaborated as sports commentator on television (SIC), radio (TSF, Antena Um, Radio Barcelos), newspaper (The Voice of Minho) and internet (SIC online). I have published four books: "Tennis" (2001), "Tennis - Technical System" (2002), "Tennis - The Power of the Mind" (2004), and "Tennis - What Changed" (2007), as well as dozens of chronicles in newspapers.


Tobias Heilmann
CEO of campaignfit ltd., Switzerland

Tobias Heilmann is founder and CEO of campaignfit Ltd. (, Switzerland, a consulting company specialized in empirical brand and leadership consulting. Based on scientific tools, he and his team measures, tests, and predicts company brand, product/service brand, employer brand, CEO brand, and place brand, develops and implements strategies for companies and states. He received his Ph.D. in Business Psychology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Tubingen, Germany. Previous to his business career, he was Assistant Professor in Social and Business Psychology at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where he did research on branding and leadership. He has published a couple of book chapters and journal articles. He co-edited the book “Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing” (2015).

United Kingdom

Mansoor Javed
Creative Director, Creative Cores Media Group Ltd. London, United Kingdom.

Mansoor Javed is a doctoral candidate in strategy and applied management at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom. He is also Creative Director at Creative Cores Media Group Ltd. His primary areas of research encompass consumer behavior, branding, consumer-brand relationships, word-of-mouth communication, and brand love. He has presented papers at conferences, including Consumer-Brand Relationships 2013 (Boston, United States), Academy of Marketing Conference 2013 (Cardiff, United Kingdom), EMAC 2013 (Istanbul, Turkey), 3rd International Consumer Brand Relationship Colloquium 2013 (Winter Park, Florida), United States, and 7th International ACBM Conference 2013 (Hong Kong). His research paper with the concept and scale of a new marketing construct 'Brand Defence' is published in 'Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing' editted by Marc Fetscherin and Tobias Heilmann.

United States of America

Marc Fetscherin
International Business Department, Rollins College, USA

Marc Fetscherin is an Associate Professor at Rollins College, Florida, USA. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Lausanne (HEC) as well as from the London School of Economics (LSE), a Ph.D. from the University of Bern and was a Post-Doc at Harvard University. Previous his academic career, he was the CEO of Bonfort S.A., a small Swiss luxury company, as well as consultant for McKinsey & Company. He is the founder and organizer of the International Consumer Brand Relationships Conference ( His work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, International Journal of Market Research, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Product and Brand Management, or Journal of Brand Management among others . His most recent co-edited book is "Consumer Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice" (2012) and “Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing” (2015).